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PHOTO & DESIGN STUDIO, as a vital intermediary between brands and customers, possesses multiple commitments and capabilities that play a significant role in achieving customer goals and strengthening brands.


Deep Brand Understanding : Our team is committed to gaining a profound understanding of our client's brand. This commitment includes dedicating sufficient time to grasp the brand's identity and values, which are among our core commitments.

Turning Ideas into Reality : Our Studio has the capability to transform creative ideas and suitable strategies into executable projects.

Managing Multiple Projects : Our experts excel in project management and control, ensuring that all projects are delivered on time and with quality.

Market Research and Advancement : We are committed to conducting marketing analysis and customer research to understand market changes and the evolving needs of customers.


Strategic Planning : The ability to design intelligent and effective advertising strategies and campaigns that align with the goals of brands and customers.

Creativity and Design : The capability to create creative content and captivating visuals that attract customers

Multi-Media Advertising Management :The ability to manage advertising across various media types, including television, radio, digital advertising, and more.

Data Analysis and Metrics : The capacity to analyze advertising data and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns.

Effective Communication : The ability to establish effective communications with customers and internal and external teams.

Our Team

The Artistic Team at Khaneye Ax Studio, an advertising company, is a group of artists with creative abilities and exceptional talents in the field of design and image creation. Members of this team, motivated and inspiring, focus on creating exceptional visual content that helps our customer's brands shine.

Ghazal Akbari
Ghazal AkbariHead of Consulting[email protected]
Mahdi Sadogh
Mahdi SadoghCEO / Art Director[email protected]
Paymun Saadati
Paymun SaadatiManager / Photographer[email protected]
Hamidreza Mehri
Hamidreza MehriPhotographer / Designer[email protected]
Behrad Sharifi
Behrad SharifiAdvertising Photographer[email protected]
Mohammad Monfared
Mohammad MonfaredTalent & Performance Advisor[email protected]
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