Advertising refers to materials which are published to inform the general public in a proper way. Advertisements can be in printed or non-printed forms. Also, from the ownership point of view, they can be divided into two categories of governmental and non-governmental. Entails, edicts, subpoenas, auction and recruitment announcements can be named as examples of governmental advertisements. what today is known as modern advertisement is traced back to late nineteenth century and early twentieth century in the United States. Generally, for advertising, including political or commercial, three historical periods can be identified which include the era before Gutenberg revolution, the invention and the completion of printing machine in the year 1450.

Advertising in different periods was practiced in the following forms :

  • The era of carving emblems on bowls, pottery jugs …
  • Emblems and advertising on the walls and petroglyphs
  • The town criers

Of course, each civilization and culture advertised using their own method. For instance, advertising in different religions has been done very shrewdly and, over the centuries, these methods have been polished and made more professional. Articulation ideology, oration/sermon and religious texts which are prevalent as prayers and narrations/anecdotes are all various types of advertising. Advertising in prehistory: from the ancient times, many drawings have been drawn on the walls of ancient caves which are related to the creators of the primitive objects and somehow imply their ability in advertising their goods.

Advertising in the present century: Albert Lasker is introduced as the father of modern advertising. What we know as modern advertising had become widespread during the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century in United States. In this period, advertising agencies emerged in an organized fashion. Advent of journals and advertising books in 1930 led to the flourishing of advertising industry. These journals were printed in colors. When talking about present century advertising, internet advertising cannot be left out. Advertising with many merits: must be cheap and comprehensive, long-lasting and clever, and round the clock, and it can be changed whenever you want. The effect of this mode of advertising is specifically pronounced when financially struggling. Testimony to this is the boom in internet advertising throughout the financial crisis of 2009.