Zenobia is a line of oils and pastes that has 3 features: cold pressed, locally made, and irresistibly delicious.  Being such big fans ourselves, we couldn’t wait to design the labels for the brand.


Specialists acknowledge that Olive was first a native of the lands of greater Syria (nearly six thousand years ago) before spreading to the rest of the Mediterranean basin. Legend claims that the Olive tree made its first appearance in Syria, in the ancient city-state of Ebla. Today, 6000 years after the spread of Olive cultivation from Syria to the rest of the Mediterranean, Syrians are still among the leading producers of Olive Oil (it ranks sixth in Olive Oil output). The Syrian soil and climate is still the best accustomed for the growth of Olives. Syrian villages are still linked to their past, and have definitely got the best know-how of the art of Olive growing. This ancient know-how has definitely improved and advanced in time, however, some basic characteristics remain, such as the use of natural mechanisms rather than chemical solutions.


The name of the Company comes from the Syrian queen Zenobia and its goal is to express the connection of the brand to the traditional cultivation and the purity of the products of this land. Knowledge and tradition led to the design of an unique logo.


Dominant color of the logo is the green that appears on the mature fruit of the olive tree, along with the shade of gold that symbolizes the color and quality of olive oil.