A fast food booth concept in its infant stage came to us for the whole package. With a goal to position themselves as the leading fast-casual booth concept in Kuwait. The brand would deliver a look, feel and story that visually communicated a transparent, innovative and factory focused concept. This has been an awesome project to watch come to life. From the very early stages of creating the logo, to seeing it develop into packaging, graphics and marketing materials have been real fun!


We focused on key points, values and a positioning that helped us find the perfect name: MEAT FACTORY. A bold choice, with the idea that everything the customer eats contains meat for sure. Meat Factory is an inclusive, community-oriented eatery based on the idea of bringing workers together in a factory atmosphere to experience an innovative take on everyday eating.


A very minimalist design was inspiring for us with clean graphics and strong typography. We wanted to enforce that feeling of transparency, allowing the design to be very straightforward. Also allowing the natural colors and textures of the food act as the primary supporting elements. An identity was created which was simple in its aesthetic, but bold in presence, one that easily stood strong against competitors. Brown and yellow became the main graphic colors with accents of white and translucent materials to further the concept.


With the foundation created, we were able to start carrying out all additional brand materials. Cold brew labels, hot cup labels, menus, tags and a slew of other materials have been created to tie the Meat Factory brand together.