Eskan hotel is a youth hostel based in Tehran. They asked us to create a brand and a mobile friendly website using responsive web design approach. Since Eskan Hostel’s guests are mainly young people, we created a brand which will appeal to a young audience. The owner was very familiar to our work process such as the importance of clear research, guidelines on their market and goals, user profiles, brand personas, etc. The level of information and feedback we got throughout the project was amazing and the finalized website really makes this evident through its user friendliness and depth of details.


It is necessary to create a feel and environment that stimulates the hostel, a brand face and website that offers a great amount of information while giving users a taste of what they would discover during their visit.


Efficient and highly functional website design coupled with an elegant appearance. A solution perfectly adapted to Eskan hostel business objectives that have an aesthetic of its own.

Flexible containers

Responsive designs for Eskan hostel. Special attention was placed on modular scale typography and a nice vertical rhythm. All sizes are in percentages, using flexible containers that conform to any screen size or resolution.